Saree ka Gunijan Khana: The Adda of the Saree Enthusiasts

Talks – Panels – Presentations – Films

Multi-disciplinary Saree awakenings!


Saturday 2 May 2015; 6 – 9 pm

Sunday 3 May 2015; 10 am – 1 pm


Auditorium, Alliance Francaise de Delhi

72 Lodhi Estate, New Delhi 110003


Contact / 41671100

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Saturday 2 May, 2015 / 6 pm to 9 pm


6  – 7 pm: The Saree in Indian Fashion; A talk by Shefalee Vasudev

Followed by a discussion with Varun Rana (Harper’s Bazaar) & Vandita Mishra (Indian Express)


7 – 7.30 pm: Dressing up Rai Hridi Haran; A talk by Samrat Banerjee

Samrat Banerjee presents a talk on the shringaar sewa offered to his beloved Krishna deity, Rai Hridi Haran.


7.45 – 8.15 pm: Film: The Man and his Saree; Dir: Shatabdi Chakrabarti

(Colour, 05.29 mins, English)

A short video diary of Himanshu Verma- the artist, the subject, the man and his Saree.


8.15 – 8.45 pm: Radio Rani meets Queen of Hearts; An informal banter with Sneh Nihalani and Deepa Mehta

Deepa and Sneh discuss their highly original, contemporary, quirky Saree vocabularies.


Sunday 3 May, 2015 / 10 am to 1 pm


10 am-11 am: Love Saree: Men and the Saree: A panel featuring Vinay Narkar, Justin McCarthy, Samrat Banerjee, Yulia Kissel Banerji, Anubhav Nath, and Amurto Basu Ray

Voices that foreground how men too share an intimate relationship with the Saree: designers, Saree-store owners, Saree-shoppers, dhoti-wearers, dancers, and a Saree loving couple…


11.15 am – 12.45 pm: Film: Natale Tumchyasathi: Behind the adorned veil; Dir: Savitri Medhatul; (Colour, 60 mins, Marathi with English subtitles)

A film documenting the lives and stories of Lavani performers in Maharashtra.

The Saree Festival 2015

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